If you have an above ground metal pool that you'd like to get rid of for free, and you want to help the bluebirds here in Connecticut, there's a unique opportunity being offered right now from the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection's Wildlife Division.

Connecticut Fish and Wildlife sent out an offer on their social media with an offer of their assistance in getting rid of that old, metal, above ground swimming pool in your yard.  Not only has your old pool been an ideal breeding ground for mosquitos, all of your neighbors will be happy to see that eyesore go down for good too. CT Fish and Wildlife isn't going to tear down your old metal pool just because they're bored, turns out that the metal used for the walls of pool happens to be the perfect material for predator guards used to protect bluebird boxes.

The material from your metal, above ground swimming pool is used to form a cone that goes around the pole of a bird box. This cone is a sturdy barrier that helps keep hungry snakes, mice, and other predators from climbing up into the birdbox and devouring babies and eggs. The Wildlife Division's Habitat Program is making more bluebird boxes for 2024, and they would appreciate it if you would consider donating it . Again, they're only looking for above-ground metal swimming pools. Not these.

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Sound interesting? Submit this form, and you may just help a bluebird hatchling survive to see the Summer of 2024.

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