Typically when someone owns "the biggest" whatever, they show it off, right? If I'm the proud owner of the largest wheel of cheese in Connecticut, that thing is going to be on display. I drive by the biggest house in Connecticut all the time, but I had no idea until right now.

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The biggest residential house in Connecticut is known as Chase Mansion, and it's located right off of Rt. 44 by the West Hartford/Avon line on Avon Mountain. I always thought it was the entrance to a school when I drove by, it's gated with big 'No Trespassing' signs. The gates are there to protect a 50,853 square foot beast, the largest residential home in Connecticut. Overall, Chase Mansion is the 13th largest home in the United States. Try to find an image of it though, it isn't easy.

If you do a Google search of Chase Mansion Connecticut, it links you back to a few articles about the house. Most of them were published over a decade ago, and most are hidden behind paywalls. Oh newspapers. Here's the image I found of the property from Google Maps.

Google Maps
Google Maps

According to homesoftherich.net, some of the fun stuffed inside Connecticut's biggest home is a 103 seat movie theater, a soda fountain room, and a 4,700 square foot game room. When you can afford the biggest house in New England, you can buy enough surrounding land to keep prying eyes out. I respect that. Just a fun fact for you the next time you drive over Avon Mountain, you're driving right past the biggest residential home in Connecticut.

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