This is us on Grove Street in Danbury last year (photo above), checking out one of the best Christmas displays I've ever seen. These people went all out and even allowed total strangers like us to bring their families and tour the property. It was AWESOME. We asked the Ethan and Lou listeners what their favorite XMAS displays were. Here's how that went:

The word on the street is that the Grove Street people moved. Who could blame them? After years of hosting strangers walking all over your lawn, I'd move too. Chris DiMauro sent us this photo. His favorite display is the one he and his brothers at Phoenix Hose Company Inc. Engine 8 do. It is amazing. What is better than a run of the mill Christmas display? One that weighs 24,000 lbs and can do 80mph while spraying water EVERYWHERE.

Chris Dimauro/Facebook
Chris Dimauro/Facebook

I can tell you that decorating for Christmas is NOT my strong suit, not my alley at all. Last year I put up and left the world's most depressing display, so I appreciate the good ones.

What do you like? White lights? Colored lights? Inflatable Santa's? projector displays? Visitors welcome? Danbury has some top notch displays but which is your favorite? Feel free to send pictures or comments by joining the conversation on this FB post:

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