All good things come in time.

Last weekend I had the honor of being the best man for my long-time friend Mike Celano when he married his sweetheart Melissa at Fantasia's in North Haven, CT. A couple of nights before the wedding Mike, Melissa and her daughter Kaylee surprised me with the coolest gift ever - A hand crafted Van Halen clock.

As I drove home that night it hit me. This was more than just a gift; it was symbolic. You see Mike's story is one that can inspire us all to have patience during trying times. If you start to get down and believe you'll never find true happiness in life just hang's coming. Sometimes you simply have to wait.

Photos courtesy of Mike Celano
Photos courtesy of Mike Celano

Looking back on the years since I met Mike (we met in 1991 at Southern Connecticut State University) we went through our relationships and breakups throughout our 20s and 30s and then suddenly we found ourselves in our 40s. "Maybe this is it," we thought. Then Mike met and eventually started dating Melissa. It was magic. The sparks flew and haven't stopped. It was Mike's time. Now in his mid 40s he is happier than I've ever seen him.

I used the opportunity of my "best man speech" to convey the symbolism of that clock to Mike's friends and family that day. Now, whenever I look up at that clock, I'll think of two things - 1) A Van Halen clock is THE baddest clock on the planet! And 2) All good things do indeed come to those who wait.

Thank you Mike, Melissa and Kaylee and all the best in your future together.

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