ESPN, FS1 and TBS, what's next? Bravo? Hallmark? The Home Shopping Network? These deals that the major sports leagues have made for broadcast rights to playoff games are painful. For better or worse, all regular season you know your network and broadcast team. Then, the playoffs come and you find yourself in a giant,TV, shell game trying to locate your teams game.

You finally find your game and realize the broadcast is unreasonably boring. The ESPN baseball broadcasts have been terrible for a long time, that has never been a secret. Now we have even worse ones.

Ken Rosenthal is the nipple head reporter pictured above and he was doing the "sideline" thing for FS1 last night and during other FS1 games. Every time he comes on the screen, I go in my yard looking for a rock to throw at my TV. Dude, you suck, you are boring and everyone wants to choke you with your bow tie.

He's only a small part of the problem but make no mistake HE IS A PART OF THE PROBLEM. Last night during the broadcast the announcing team said this "Aaron Judge listens to the Bee Gees in the locker room, staying alive indeed." That sentence, those words put together in a sentence almost sent me over the deep end. So stupid, so lame, do better.

These broadcasts are so bad it makes me wish I was listening to Jon Sterling and Suzyn Waldman on WFAN. Their broadcasts are odd, ill informed and boring but they are my odd, ill informed, boring broadcasts.

It's like purposely eavesdropping on two super old people talking about the service at a  diner. With that said their voices would be a very welcome thing right now. I love that baseball insists it's trying to attract younger viewers and yet they have broadcast teams that can bore this 38 year old to tears.

In terms of finding games, this is going to get worse. These broadcast deals are already on media outlets like Hulu. Major League Baseball, in pursuit of the almighty dollar is going to spread their product all around. What does that mean for us? It will be more difficult to find their product and more costly. Good luck to them trying to make more money and become more popular by making their product expensive and hard to find.


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