The Avengers movies have been tough for me to sit through.

The main reason for that is that I'm spending a majority of the time concerned with how they set up the story to pair certain characters with others on screen, and obsessed with idea of the scene where I will see everyone in one place at a time. Then, I get annoyed that I have not seen two characters on the screen at the same time that I was hoping for. It's too much anxiety to stand. These are my stages of emotion/physical reactions during an Avenger's movie:

  • Excited - It's going to be awesome, explosions, loud noises and all of Hollywood is in it.
  • Curious - This is when I wonder about the character pairings.
  • Turned on - So many good looking people, I think it's just natural.
  • Indecisive - This is when I have to pee, I try and time it out during a moment I think may get boring. I always choose wrong.
  • Itchy/chaffed - These movies are long and my ass starts to hurt a lot.
  • Impatient - I've already been through a lot today, I'm starting to not care how it ends.
  • Fully ready to go home - Done. I am done here, I want to go home. I'm all slippery from the butter, my feet are sticking to the floor and I need to stretch my legs.

All in all, Avengers movies have been too much. I can't enjoy them. I can't relax.Then, I think I am done and they start with the post-credit stuff which is hilarious, we can't leave now!


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