In East Haddam, CT, the Village of Johnsonville was a beautiful, tranquil little town back in the early 20th century, so why did everyone leave 28 years ago and never come back?

According to, once a thriving mill town in East Haddam, the Village of Johnsonville became the center of twine production in the mid-1800s until 1924, when the Triton Mill was destroyed by fire. A new mill was eventually built named the Neptune Mill, which was in operation until it was also destroyed by fire in 1972.

The small suburban hamlet of Johnsonville, Connecticut, had sat abandoned for nearly 20 years. After going on and off the market since 2015, the town was finally sold in July of 2017 for $1.85 million. Two questions come to mind. First, was Johnsonville really a ghost town, and who ended up buying this rundown property, and why?

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