Where do you shop for your family's groceries?

In the Carey family, I do all the grocery shopping so I switch it up between the Stop N' Shop in New Fairfield and the Danbury Shoprite on Padanaram Rd. If there was a Wegmans close by, that would be my first choice. I compiled the 8 Best Grocery Stores in Greater Danbury by checking Yelp ratings along with the comments you left on my Facebook page.

  • Google Street view photo
    Google Street view photo

    Stew Leonard's - Danbury

    Stews was overwhelmingly the number one pick of all the grocery stores and here's why: singing food and animals to amuse the kids, humongous selection of the items they carry, free food samples all over the store, and the ginormous buffet.

    Don't get me wrong, I love Stews for their fresh fish, meats, and homemade soups but not for a week's worth of groceries for the family.


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    Getty Images

    Trader Joe's - Danbury

    When friends or family members speak of Trader Joe's on Mill Plain Rd., they speak of it in almost sacred terms. Checking the Yelp reviews I noticed various shoppers mentioned specific grocery or food items they wouldn't buy anywhere else but Trader Joe's.

    But then I kept on reading more of the reviews from individuals who do all of their shopping at Trader Joe's. I feel like maybe I'm missing out here and should rightfully give it a try. Question, are the prices much higher than a ShopRite or Stop N' Shop?

  • Caraluzzi's Bethel - Google Instant Street View
    Caraluzzi's Bethel - Google Instant Street View

    Caraluzzi's - Bethel

    I must confess that I have never been inside a Caraluzzi's and that's because there isn't one close by New Fairfield.  Yelp reviewers love the fact that the stores are locally owned and operated.

    Some of the quotes from Yelp.com were, "Great store run by wonderful people," "Fresh produce and great service," "A great place to buy quality meats and seafood."

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    Caraluzzi's - Newtown

    A Yelp reviewer who gave Caraluzzi's/Newtown a 5/5 stars review raved about the store's meats, produce, fish, dairy, coffee, and the kind and helpful staff.

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    ShopRite - Brookfield

    What I love about the ShopRite on Federal Rd. in Brookfield is their vast array of fresh produce, not to mention their ethnic food departments go hand in hand in serving all the different nationalities that live in Danbury.

    What I'm not too keen about is how crowded the store has gotten. Trying to find a parking space during the mid-day is a challenge and during the evening rush hour or on a weekend, good luck!

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    ShopRite - Danbury

    ShopRite Danbury on Padanaram Rd. is one of my go-to grocery stores. It used to be an A&P Super Foodmart which really wasn't that 'super.' The ShopRite Danbury store is wonderfully huge and sparkling clean. Selection and prices at the deli are first-rate and they occasionally carry fresh chopped liver!

    You'll find an extensive variety of fresh produce, a first-class meat department, and many hard to find specialty food items.


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    Getty Images

    Aldi - Danbury

    I've personally never shopped at Aldi's but I have friends who swear by this new concept in grocery buying. Before you walk into an Aldi's you should know that it's no-frills, you can return anything, the coffee is awesome, and you don't need coupons to save money. Danbury's Aldi is at 63 Newtown Road.

  • The New Fairfield Food Center's award winning deli - Photo by Ethan
    The New Fairfield Food Center's award winning deli - Photo by Ethan

    New Fairfield Food Center - New Fairfield

    I'm proud to call the NFFC my hometown grocery store. Our family has been shopping at this family-owned market since we moved to New Fairfield from upstate New York in 1979.

    When the Candlewood Playhouse was torn down to make room for a Grand Union, I worried that the Food Center might be forced out of business but I was gladly mistaken. The owner, John Petrone and his with Kori knew they had to make some changes to survive.

    They decided to completely remodel their pride and joy by widening the aisles and expanding their meat and deli departments. You can even buy delicious home-cooked meals for two. It turned out that personalizing their store worked magic with New Fairfield residents. Over the summer, the New Fairfield Food Center's deli was awarded the honor of being named the very first 'Deli of Distinction' in the state of Connecticut by Boar's Head. Tastefully well deserved!

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