There is nothing worse than tuning into a hyped up pro or college football game and getting a dud. Last night's game between Alabama and Clemson was a perfect example of that.

The early game however was an instant classic and one of the best college games I have ever seen. Georgia topped Oklahoma in two overtimes, TWO I said. The final was 54-48 so there was some scoring for sure.

There were 483 lead changes, the momentum just kept swinging back and forth. Some of the games sickest athletes were on the field all at once and every player laid it on the line like they were playing their last football game ever. That is the kind of game that reminds you why we waste 4 hours watching kids play with a ball.

Now the National Championship is an all SEC affair with Georgia taking on Alabama. It will take place sometime in 2019 because they take a huge break but on paper should be a good one. I really would like to see Georgia win, hate Bama', Nick Saban makes me so angry I scream at my TV every time he is on it. GO dogs.

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