It happens every year without fail, I-95 listeners always step up when people are in need.

Because of you, the generous I-95 listener and our 'Camping for Cans' sponsors, we were able to raise over $10,000 and 6,000 pounds of food this past weekend for Hillside Food Outreach. Whether you brought down a couple of cans of non-perishables or a carload of food, you helped fill a 14-foot box truck full of much-needed food that was driven immediately to the Hillside Food Outreach warehouse.

'Camping for Cans' 2017 - Ethan Photo

There was a minor issue during our Friday morning show at the Plumtrees Plaza when Lou almost got into it with Willie the Turkey.

'Camping for Cans' 2017 - I-95 File Photo

On Sunday afternoon we introduced Bradley, our new 3 1/2-year-old part-time I-95 DJ.

'Camping for Cans' 2017 - Ethan Photo

Comedian R.C. Smith continued the 'Camping for Cans' tradition by joining the 'Ethan and Lou Show' on Friday morning. Our exclusive 'Camping for Cans' sponsors, Savings Bank of Danbury, Down the Hatch, Sikorsky Credit Union, Bruce Bennett Nissan, Creative Bath, Scott's Landscaping, and Black Swan Hearth and Home all stopped by on Friday morning to deliver $500 checks for Hillside! The Texas Roadhouse delivered tons of food for the crew while Cartwright and Daughters Tent and Party Rentals came through with our broadcast tent. Lesser Evil stepped up at the last minute with a 14-foot box truck and Dave's RV came through, as always with a gorgeous camper. A huge thanks to every single one of you who stopped down to contribute to Hillside Food Outreach!

Comedian R.C. Smith Joins 'Camping for Cans' 2017