When I talk about radio personalities from other radio stations, my employers do not love it. I don't care today.

I've been a listener of Mike Francesa for as long as I can remember. I want to wish him well and thank him for the many years of entertainment.

I've learned a lot about my own craft from him. I've spent at least a few minutes every weekday of my adult life listening to him do his thing. What was his thing? An entertaining radio show about sports. That's what it was, and it was entertaining every day.

I think there were different reasons why it was awesome for different listeners. For me, it was a mix. It was a uniquely "NY" show. Mike was unintentionally funny sometimes, he was angry sometimes, and he was always very knowledgeable. He was always himself. That is rare in radio. So many people pretend to be something they are not or just plain speak in a way they normally would not.

There is no good replacement for Mike. Thank you, Mike Francesa. Thanks for the information, the laughs, the constant reminders that you know Bill Parcells, the tirades, all of it. I'll forever be a fan.

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