A 17-year-old Rockland County teen is on a quest to officially keep the name of the original Tappan Zee Bridge.

According to WCBS Newsradio 88, the teen's mission is to get rid of The Mario M. Cuomo Bridge signs. The teen's name is David Dunlop and last year, he had 150 signs printed up that said, "The Bridge Name Must Stay Tappan Zee" with Mario M. Cuomo's name crossed out in the middle of the sign. He now has only 10 of those signs left.

Dunlop's motivation to save the name is due in part to the Tappan Zee being an integral part of the Hudson Valley's history. He was also inspired by the organization, Save Our Tappan Zee. He wants people to know that the bridge was named for an American Indian tribe. Dunlop told the Poughkeepsie Journal:

I've learned a lot about the history of this area. The name, Tappan Zee represents the people who were here before us. That name kind of represents us. We're not quite New York State and we're not quite New York City. I believe the name itself represents our unique identity and our unique values.

I was utterly fascinated by the building of the new Tappan Zee so from time to time I would drive down to Rockland County during times of the day when traffic wasn't as frenetic as during rush hour. Check out this video titled, The New Tappan Zee Bridge - Four Years in Two Minutes.

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