We know they’ve been mad for years, absolutely years. But just how well do you know the voices you hear on “The Dark Side Of The Moon”?

Pink Floyd released their classic album “The Dark Side Of The Moon” on this month in 1973. It stands as one of the greatest pieces of music in rock history. But there is more to this album than just the music.

Weaved throughout the ten tracks are the voices of various interesting characters. Some were associated with the band while others were either working for or hanging around Abbey Road Studios at the time the album was recorded. Among them are Pink Floyd roadies Roger “The Hat” Manifold and Chris Adamson, Pink Floyd road manager Peter Watts and his wife Patricia “Puddie” Watts, Wings guitarist Henry McCullough and the Abbey Road doorman Gerry O’Driscoll.

Below are the 15 spoken pieces included on the album. You’re challenge is to choose which song it belongs to.

Harvest Records
Harvest Records

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