Do you remember Milford Jai alai, and the sport itself? Milford's was a gorgeous facility, it had that Vegas/Atlantic City vibe before there were casinos everywhere. I just found a video that takes us back inside the Fronton in Milford during it's heyday.

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In the 1980's, one of our family friends was a professional Jai Alai player, he played his matches at the Frontons in Hartford and Milford. It was such an exciting sport to watch, and actually knowing one of the players made each trip even more exciting. Jai Alai is one of the world's fastest sports, the players hurled the pelota using a wicker basket cesta against a wall in the enclosed court, and players scored points off each other's missed or dropped shots on returns. The pelota traveled at incredible speeds on the rebound shots, up to 160 MPH.

At one point, Connecticut was home to three Jai Alai Fronton - Hartford, Bridgeport, and Milford. Bridgeport and Hartford closed down in 1995, but the Milford Fronton survived until December 2001. I've searched for video of Hartford and Bridgeport, but the only one I've found takes us back inside Milford, and Hartford Jai alai. Enjoy.

And here's a video of the Hartford Fronton, don't you miss the video quality from the 1980's? Not a wrinkle in sight.

Can you still find Jai alai? Absolutely, there are a few clubs keeping the tradition alive here in Connecticut on an amateur level, Connecticut Amateur Jai Alai for example. but professional facilities are mostly concentrated in Florida in 2024.

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