Hey, don't do that! I'll give you my address, you can just send it to me.

Every day, we read about some weird, whacked things going on all around the world. I wouldn't be surprised if this story stems from a pissed off, scorned woman. I mean, really, who the hell else would do something as nutty as this?

According to huffingtonpost.com, money has been going down the drain, and Swiss authorities are very curious about why someone is flushing tens of thousands of euros down the toilet. It's happened at banks and restaurants in Geneva and it's led to clogged pipes. Swiss authorities say toilets near a bank vault in the city were stuffed with 500-euro bills. The bills had been chopped up.

So here's my theory on the pissed off, scorned woman. The CHOPPED up money! No criminal is going to chop up the loot, even if they had to get rid of it fast. I mean, you can't just tape tiny pieces of a lot of wet money back together and reclaim your stash after the heat is off the crime. BUT, if your wealthy guy is cheating on you, this could be the ultimate "F.U."

Normally, I'd say just take a boatload of the cad's money and spend it on yourself, but I'm thinking this is an already pretty pampered babe. So she doesn't need more stuff, but she sure wants revenge! Plus, it's been going down at bathrooms near bank vaults and restaurants. That screams perfect scenario to me.

Curious about exactly what IS happening has caused local authorities to launch a criminal investigation. They should call me in on the case.

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