The symbol of the Nazi Party, the swastika was found carved into a tree at John Jay High School in Cross River, NY.

According to Putnam Daily Voice, the incident was the second of its kind on the grounds of a school in the Katonah-Lewisboro school district. Swastikas were found painted on playground equipment at the Lewisboro Elementary School in December and School Superintendent, Andrew Selesnick is not happy. Three local student suspects have been arrested for the December incident.

Before Hitler adopted the swastika, it was considered a sign of "good fortune" or "well being" when it was adopted around 5,000 years ago until mass murderer, Adolf Hitler decided to embrace the symbol to represent the Nazi Party. Hitler's henchmen were responsible for the genocide of around six million Jews, which included 1.5 million children which is the reason most people find the swastika symbol so repulsive.

Student assemblies were held at the school on Friday to discuss the incident and the pain that the swastika symbol conveys. Personally, I think it was one, or a group of teenage a**holes looking for negative attention in any way possible and knowing what they did was going to do the trick. Lewisboro police are investigating.

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