At the end of May we will welcome Luis Elizondo to the Ethan and Lou show. Luis is the former U.F.O. lead investigator for the Pentagon. Luis' claims are crazy. Not to say he is crazy, I'll likely believe him. What I mean is, if what he is saying is, indeed true we are more screwed than I thought.

If I could paraphrase, keeping brevity at the forefront Luis says, U.F.O's are real, extraterrestrial life is real, our Government knows all about it, has been keeping secrets for decades and intends to continue.

Look into Luis. Then look again.

Please send in your questions. We want as many questions as we can get as we prepare for what could be our greatest interview of all time. It's a rare opportunity to get this close to a man who, at one point had clearance to Government secrets few, ever have.

I wanna get this right and I am asking for your thoughtful contributions. GO!


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