According to study results published in the NY Post, deadlines are the work stress that most impacts a woman's sex life. The study findings were published in September’s International Journal of Impotence Research.

The researchers documented the sex lives of 108 women in their early 30's and 143 men. All of the participants were doctors in Greece. Many of them noted job stresses like burnout, fatigue and deadlines.

Specifically for women, the most notable stresses were nasty bosses and deadlines. The Post quoted a sex therapist who was not associated with the study who said:

The genitals are the most honest part of the body, when your genitals say no, that can be just your mind’s way of telling you something’s wrong.

I heard the hips don't lie but it looks like whoever wrote that song was wide on both sides. These are usually the moments when I like to offer a unique perspective, a bit of advice. Here I'd want to talk to anyone struggling with work stress so bad that it's messing up their sex life but I don't know if I'm finding the right thing to say.

Oh, wait the moment has passed, I got it. If your job sucks so bad that you can't bring yourself to the freak zone, at all, it may be time to quit. I take it back, call an expert, 2020 is no kind of year to advise people to quit their job. Good luck with your genitals.

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