US Bets ran a study recently looking to determine the smartest sports cities in America.

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In doing so, they also accidentally proved that CT is sports dumb. Here is how they ran their study:

"We analyzed more than 1,500 sports-related search queries throughout the last 12 months (June 2020 – June 2021) using data from the Google Ads platform. Keywords and phrases ranged from general knowledge questions to advanced queries for the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL. Average search volume during this period was then calculated per capita and visualized per 100,000 for 46 major sports cities across the country. We also analyzed disproportionately popular general knowledge sports queries in all 50 states."

What that tells us is, it is highly likely they didn't spend much time looking at our cities against the others. Basically, they would have ruled us out of contention because we have no pro teams. However, they did look at our state and what they found was embarrassing.

The most commonly Googled sports question in CT was: "How many innings in baseball?"

US Bets
US Bets

How atrocious is that? All the questions on that list are embarrassing but none is as shocking as "how many innings in baseball?" It's almost impossible to grow up in this country and not be able to answer that question.

Forget that, I'll give a pass to those who don't know the answer but that it's the MOST COMMON question asked in CT? US Bets was right to not consider us for smartest sports city, we have no teams, absolutely no knowledge and now I'm questioning who is in charge here?

The smartest sports cities were:

1 - New York, NY

2 - Los Angeles, CA

3 - Chicago, IL

4 - Houston, TX

5 - Phoenix, AZ

6 - San Antonio, TX

7 - Kansas City, KS

8 - Philadelphia, PA

9 - San Diego, CA

10 - Dallas, TX


We suck, we don't look good as a unit and I'm considering moving back to New York. I cannot defend this kind of behavior. You're killing me Smalls!

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