Did you stay up until 3AM to watch 'The Book of Boba Fett' on Disney+? The highly anticipated Star Wars Universe spin-off of 'The Mandalorian', was made available to stream at 3AM Eastern this morning, and the early reviews I'm seeing are great.

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I'm a child of the 70's, so Star Wars is in my blood. I'm far from alone, I've seen many Star Wars references across social media leading up to last night's premiere. One that really caught my attention was posted by one of my favorite restaurant's, Little Pub - Stratford.

Little Pub-Stratford just posted a video that they've dubbed "A Little Pub Star Wars Christmas" on their social media, with the disclaimer of "Fans & Critics agree, 2017's A Little Pub Star Wars Christmas is 100% wrong, but 1000% awesome, the worst movie ever made, with thrilling special effects, and a heartwarming ending sure to please."

Well, expectations tamped down, it definitely wasn't directed by Jon Favreau, and I'm sure George Lucas would be a wee bit concerned abut copyright infringement, but it is funny, check it out -

It's good to know that Wookiees are welcome at Little Pub-Stratford, if they wear a shirt with Boba Fett's head on it. If you're a fan of Star Wars, Boba Fett, and Little Pub-Stratford like I am, you can buy your own Little Pub Boba Fett T-shirt, just like Chewbacca in the video, they should be back in stock for purchase sometime this week, that is, unless the Empire is behind the t-shirt supply chain crisis.

If you've never seen the original Star Wars Holiday Special that aired in 1978, oh, you're in for a treat -

Thanks for the great food and laughs Little Pub, and May The Force Be With You.

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