They're lurking in the woods and by roads all over the area. They can sprint out in front of your vehicle in a matter of seconds, and cars are the biggest predators that deer face around here.

So just where are you most likely to have a "deer vs. car" encounter? In this age of statistics, and thanks to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, we've got the breakdown on the towns where your chances are the highest of a deer strike.

So while you're out taking that Sunday drive, or heading to one of the many fall activities that are happening, these are towns that you may want to be a little more careful driving through.

The NICB put together a list of the Top 50 "hot spots" in the country with the number of deer strike claims. Here's how some Hudson Valley locations ranked:

  • Rhinebeck, Dutchess County (National Rank #43) 58 claims in 2017
  • Goshen, Orange County (National Rank #38) 65 claims in 2017
  • New Windsor, Orange County (National Rank #27) 71 claims in 2017
  • Wallkill, Orange County (National Rank #22) 78 claims in 2017
  • Carmel, Putnam County (National Rank #20) 81 claims in 2017
  • Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County (National Rank #14) 95 claims in 2017
  • Monroe, Orange County (National Rank #9) 111 claims in 2017

Best bet for drivers to avoid hurting, or killing a deer, and causing damage to your car, is to always do the speed limit. Staying at the posted speed makes it easier to stop in the event of a deer running in front of your car and could possibly avoid costly repairs, and possible injury to you as well.

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