Like Ron Swanson I suffer from a condition called "Sleep Fighting."

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This is where you throw kicks and punches all night as you relive some landmark trauma. I am in some sort of a scuffle every night when my wife and I are in bed and she's found herself on the business end of a right cross more than once.

On the other hand, her snoring is off the charts, she sounds like a donkey that is being pillow-smothered by a fat man. Needless to say we have some issues when it comes to sharing a bed and it looks like we are not alone, especially in Connecticut.

Each Night recently conducted a nationwide study to find out which states struggle the most with sharing a bed. In the end, New York was #1 for the most restless sleep. As for the Nutmeg State we were #7 overall. Here are the top 10 states for the most trouble sharing a bed:

1. New York

2. Massachusetts

3. Maryland

4. California

5. Virginia

6. Nevada

7. Connecticut

8. New Jersey

9. Oregon

10. Washington

A spokesperson for the study says you can try a few things to get a more solid sleep, which include:

Communicate Without Criticism - "To resolve this, first and foremost, you need healthy communication with one another, which means discussing it without criticizing. If it’s a result of something that is out of their control, it’ll only cause tension."

Create a Barrier - "if your partner’s movement is disturbing you, try placing pillows between the two of you. The extra space can mean you don’t feel it as much and the pillows can help reduce the motion. If this doesn’t help, consider upgrading to a queen-size mattress rather than a twin-size – a memory foam one if you can."

Block Them Out - "if your partner snores and the typical tricks, such as them sleeping on their side, aren’t working, you could try earplugs."

My wife would prefer we got our own beds like the Costanzas.

Reference for sleep fighting

Here's more information on the study. 

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