No, sadly I never went on Spring break. That is probably for the best because I might have died. I have done my share of partying though and I heard war stories from friends of mine. So I do remember what the dangers were on Spring Break back in the day. Alcohol poisoning, arrest, injury, they were all on the menu.

What are the dangers these days? These kids today are hard to understand. We read not too long ago about Vodka eyeballing. Which is literally pouring vodka into your eyeball so you get drunk faster. As if pouring vodka down your throat does not get you messed up fast enough.

What are the worries now? Is is internet related? It has to be. I mean I hear that Tinder is a force. Kids can get the diseases way easier than we did. We had to go out and talk to people to get some sweet, sweet action. Now they just swipe right.

Ethan and I talked about taking a trip for Spring Break this year but decided that two fat guys in a Nissan Versa drinking boxed wine was not a great look.


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