Feel free to sing along while you gaze at the sky. This Harvest Moon is a biggie.

Welcome to the party in the sky. Tonight's show is one to not miss. This year’s harvest moon is the first time a full moon bearing the name Harvest Moon has fallen in October since 2009.

Turns out Harvest Moons in October are not a common occurrence. So history, of sorts, will be in the sky tonight. According to space.com,

Harvest moons are rare in October, and they are set to occur only 18 times between 1970 and 2050; usually the full moon occurs much closer to the autumnal equinox, which would make the Harvest Moon fall in late September.

I think we could all use a bit of awe right now. And for me, there is nothing like a beautiful night sky. Pair that up with a blazing orange moon after sunset, and I feel a warm and fuzzy smile coming on.

You'll know where to find me tonight, outside, looking up. With Neil Young in my head.

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