I love the phrase “tough guy”, it’s most often used sarcastically to diminish the grit of someone who talks a big game but can’t back it up.

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But, “tough guy” can be applied to a select few that actually are feared. The NFL is arguably the most violent professional sports league we have in America, so all of the players who make it to the league have to be “tough guys” but there are a small collection of men who standout on that level.

Some of the NFL’s All-Time Most Feared Tough Guys – Part 1

I’ve been watching the NFL my whole life and while the game has changed drastically in my 42+ years, but one thing remains the same, you must be a “tough guy” to make it to the league. On that level of athleticism, all the players are strong and physical but some clearly are better than others. The following are some of the players who go beyond, passing the eye test and were flat out scary on a football field. 

There are way more than five guys that deserve to be put on this list, I intend to get around to all of them, and hopefully you will help me. Please share with me, the NFL players you think deserve to be part of this series and tell me why.

P.S. I’m going to be really transparent with you because it’s what I’ve become known for on my radio show and in my articles, these conversations/articles don’t “work” from a results standpoint. For that reason, my company would prefer I don’t write about sports so much but I can’t stop, I love sports, particularly the NFL. Let’s change that, share this article with a friend, start a conversation, tell me what you love or tell me why I’m wrong. I mean, what happened in this country that we don’t talk about sports anymore? Is there anything more fun and less consequential than arguing about sports? The answer is no.

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