This guy called the Ethan and Lou show this morning and in a condescending tone told me Connor McGregor was Scottish, not Irish.

When I corrected him, he hung up the phone. That is what people who are wrong do -- they hang up. To my amazement, someone called to back him up. I took them both to school, and for your listening pleasure, here's what happened:

Yes, imagine how surprised I was. Usually, I spend St. Patrick's Day screaming that NOT everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day. Today, I actually had to spend time explaining how the current most famous Irish person in the world actually is Irish.

It blows my mind how often people want to correct others. It's even more baffling when they are just DUMB wrong and refuse to hear it. My only theory on why he would call with such a goofy claim is that he himself is Scottish and WANTS Connor to be Scottish.

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