An object looking a whole hell of a lot like a spaceship showed up in the sky above the UAE over the weekend and somehow we are all back at work? What up wit dat? According to the Daily Mail meteorologists quickly dismissed it as nothing more than a natural occurrence. They say this can happen when high to mid level clouds have super cooled water in them.

That was their explanation and everyone said: "Good enough for me. Are you hungry? I could eat." Why are we taking the word of a group of people that cannot give a straight answer as to whether I should wear snow boots or not? C'mon guys, our very survival is at stake and we are listening to the weather man? These are the guys that accidentally draw penises on their electronic weather maps like four times a year.

And maybe this one is just super wet, super cold clouds acting a fool. What about all the others? This one from China wasn't even a ship, it was a floating city.

Why don't you ask Luis Elizondo what's going on right above our heads?

Don't listen to the weather man, listen to me. We got some digging to do and some questions to ask. If it's good enough for George Washington, it's good enough for me.


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