March is always one helluva crazy weather month across most of the country. February was just a big fat tease this year.

As we were all basking in those fantastic last days of February when temperatures got into the 60's and 70's, I bemoaned the fact that we'd probably get temps in the 40's and 50's in late May. And no matter how hard I prayed, I figured snow was still on the agenda.

The National Weather Service is supporting that claim, even as we enjoy a sunny and fairly warm day today. According to the National Weather Service there is a Winter weather advisory in effect from 10 p.m. tonight until 2 p.m. Friday March 10. One look at the map on and you can see our entire area socked in.

Remember the recent warm and sunny February days that we were basking in?

Blame climate change, so says a study by a group of scientists called World Weather Attribution. They claim that those "break out your shorts and flip - flops"  abnormally high temperatures in February are being linked to climate change.

They have documented analysis that they feel shows there's a strong link between global warming and the extremely early Spring of 2017. The belief of the WWA is that all the emissions that have been pumping into the atmosphere have made us significantly more likely to have out of the ordinary record warmth like we experienced in February.

According to, February 2017 was the second warmest on record, with temperatures east of the Rockies as much as eleven-degrees above normal.

As you break out the snow blowers once again, and face another day of the kids possibly home from school, you can blame climate change. Or you can do what I do, blame the bad luck of living in New England. Now run out and buy up all the milk on the shelves.

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