SMH (Shaking My Head) News isyour weekly source for facepalming headlines from Florida and other parts of the country where people are doing stupid things.

In this week’s edition of SMH News:

On July 14,  in Myrtle Beach, S.C. police responded to Bennett's Calabash Seafood Buffet Restaurant at approximately 9:15 PM on reports a disturbance involving a customer.

Fox CT reports that the restaurant manager told police that April Lee Yates, 51, starting causing a disturbance with other patrons and managers when they asked her to pay her bill.

Yates, who had been there for four hours, allegedly said she didn't have any money. Yates allegedly explained that she was planning on having "Jesus" pay for her bill. She was placed under arrest for defrauding a restaurant.

In Millersville P.A., on June 26 around 10:15 PM police charged a man with public drunkeness, indecent exposure and trespassing after he was allegedly caught on a neighbors farm naked and drinking beers with his pig buddies.

Larry Henry, 64, reportedly told the police " I just like pigs" when he was found him, according to

Police said Henry was previously banned from the farm four years prior to this incident and that he smelled of alcohol and was ironically drinking a six pack of Hamms beer when they showed up.

In Providence R.I., there are several moms who are very angry at their jeweler. These mothers sent in their breast milk to a local jewelers in order for it to be turned into a keepsake pendant.  These women feels scammed after not getting anything in return from the jeweler,

The woman claim they sent in the "Mommy Milk Creations" over two years ago and still haven't received anything. According to the moms, they have paid hundreds of dollars up front so far and haven't heard anything back from the owner of the jewelry store.


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