April 8, 2000 was an evening that would go down in comedy history.

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Will Ferrell, Christopher Walken and the cast of Saturday Night Live did an absurd recreation of the recording of "Don't Fear the Reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult. Will Ferrell bounces around the stage while a dry Christopher Walken demands, "I've got to have more cowbell!"

The sketch was an instant classic that sparked a renewed interest in B.O.C. and their music. After the sketch aired everyone wanted to know more about the actual recording session which took place in 1975 and that is where a rock controversy was born.

According to Goldmine several different BOC members "have indicated they played the cowbell on the song, including Bloom, producer David Lucas and drummer Albert Bouchard." 

So who actually was responsible for the world's most recognizable cowbell sound? We went right to the source and spoke to original Blue Oyster Cult bassist Joe Bouchard who is a Connecticut resident and a friend of our show.

Bouchard was our guest on the Tuesday (1/16/24) edition of the I-95 Morning Show with Ethan, Lou & Large Dave and we asked him.

Lou Milano: Several different members of the band, there have been 20 over the years, have claimed that they were the one playing cowbell on the song. This includes Eric Bloom, David Lucas and your brother Albert Bouchard. Who actually played the cowbell?

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Joe Bouchard: "I was there, I was an eyewitness and I will say it was my brother Albert Bouchard playing the cowbell. That would be Albert."

In case you're wondering Joe is Connecticut to the bone. He's lived in New Milford, Weston and now he is somewhere in Killingworth.

Left to Right: Lou Milano, Joe Bouchard, Mark Rivera from Billy Joel's band and Ethan Carey
Left to Right: Lou Milano, Joe Bouchard, Mark Rivera from Billy Joel's band and Ethan Carey

We love Joe, he has been very supportive of our show and I-95 in general. He's joined us at multiple charity events over the years and even agreed to play at one of our anniversary parties.

Ethan Carey & Joe Bouchard
Ethan Carey & Joe Bouchard

You can listen to our complete (1/16/24) interview with Joe Bouchard below. We also discussed the early years of BOC, Joe's favorite collaboration and I apologized to Joe for my last text.

Later, I explained the favor I asked Joe for.

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