The American Transportation Research Institute released it's most recent list of the county's worst highway bottlenecks and Connecticut is coming in hot. We can boast six of the Top 100 bottlenecks in the U.S. They are as follows:

  • 14. Hartford's I-84, I-91 interchange
  • 43. Stamford's stretch of I-95
  • 47. Norwalk's stretch of I-95
  • 56. New Haven's I-95, I-91 interchange
  • 64. Waterbury's I-84, Route 8 mixmaster
  • 74. Bridgeport's I-95, Route 8 interchange

Bottlenecks suck for sure but I have some real issues with how the highways right here in the Greater Danbury area "work." How is it on I-84, I can get off Exit 6 heading Westbound but if you are headed East, there is no Exit 6? This is certainly not a new problem and one we have grown accustomed to but come on, they skipped a whole number bro.

Then you have I-84 Exit 7, which is a two lane, left exit. That's fine for us, we know, we live here. You can always tell the people that don't live here and either need to, or don't want to Exit on 7. You can tell they don't live here because at the last second they cross three lanes of busy highway traffic, nearly killing everyone around them.

It's wild out on these roads Nutmeggers, keep the head on a swivel and in pivot mode at all times.

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