The technology is called the 'Aircrew Labor In-Cockpit Automation System,' better known as the 'ALIAS' program according to, which translates to no helicopter pilots on board.

This is the first time Sikorsky has tested the new autonomous UH-60A Black Hawk without a pilot on board.

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The ALIAS technology has been a six-year-long project developed by the director of Sikorsky Innovation, Igor Cherrepinsky. Inside the aircraft is a gizmo called the "210 Switch," which indicates how many pilots are inside the helicopter.

Black Hawk Battle Group Conduct Training Operations
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With the switch turned to zero for the first time, the ALIAS Black Hawk flew without anyone inside over Fort Campbell, Kentucky, on Feb. 5 for 30 minutes and then again on a shorter flight on Feb. 7.

This technology will reduce the number of helicopter accidents by utilizing sophisticated radar technology that enables sensors to identify landing zones without pilot input on where aircraft can land safely. This helps the system analyze information on surroundings during flight and react at the moment as any pilot would. Check this out!

According to the website, SARA's MATRIX Technology combines software and hardware components, enabling autonomous, reliable mission execution in obstacle-rich environments. This technology is like having a virtual second pilot to help operators fly safely and confidently in dangerous and complex missions.

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