According to the NY Post, you can no longer poop on NYC subways and buses. That's right, the MTA has officially banned defecation on public transportation. A spokesman for the MTA, Tim Minton had this to say:

MTA rules are periodically tweaked to enhance clarity, and that’s the case with the addition of more descriptive language.

He continued:

Ensuring the transportation system provides an appropriate quality of life experience for our workforce and customers is a guiding principle and top priority.

The poop ban actually went into effect as a coronavirus measure back in April but has been adopted as part of the MTA's official set of rules now. Before the coronavirus the rule was that a person could recieve a $100 fine for the following:

create[ing] a nuisance, hazard, or unsanitary condition (including, but not limited to, spitting or urinating).

Now poopin' has been officially added to that dirty laundry list.

I first heard this Earth shattering information while watching the evening news last night (9/23/20) and I immediately sprung into action. I posted this on my personal Face-space page:

MTA officially banned defecating on Subways and buses today, for real. Just in time guys, where were you for the 800 subway rides, I suffered through with a rich smell of s--- in the air?

The responses came flooding in:

Gary U:
Well there gos my weekend plans!
Mark F:
Oh wait...subways and buses? Not trains though. Thank God.
Lindsey E:
Lmao I have seen more people s------- in the city than I would like to admit.
James Jamie T:
It's a proclamation of no defecation.... New York you say?
Ken E. B:
It's amazing what has to be "officially banned" due to lack of common sense.
Kristin G:
Deblasio made NYC great again.
The MTA as we know it today was once the Long Island Railroad, a subsidiary of the Pennsylvania Railroad. Basically in some form or fashion there has been a public transportation system in NYC since 1834 and we are just getting around to this now?
You mean to tell me, in almost 200 years of scooting around the city on a bus or train, 2020 was the first time someone said, "Hey, you smell that?" Way to be on top of this guys, really, well done.
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