I said a team with a head coach who wears a visor has poor judgement. I said the greatest QB of all time is going up against a career back up. I said they stand no chance. I was wrong.

I'm "eating crow" today. I wonder if anyone has ever literally consumed a crow? I mean like they were dead set something was going to be one way, it went another way and that was their punishment. You eat this friggin' crown, beak and all. Pretty gross I bet. If you have a dead crow, bring it to the radio station and let's get this over with. I'll eat it.

Anyway, I got it wrong, it happens. I'm glad I did though. I don't think I could have stomached another comeback, another highlight reel and watching Brady hoist the trophy one more time. I'm over their evil empire.

P.S. My favorite/least favorite things from the game:

It was a great game

Pink was great, Leslie Odom Jr. was great, J.T. was great.

Brady dropping that pass - Dude, lay out.

Tom Brady dressed as Neo from the Matrix before the game was absurd - Your jacket can't go almost to the floor unless you are in a Sci-Fi movie.

Robert Kraft's hair - Bobby, get real. You are not Tom Brady, we get you are obsessed with him but you can't do the same hairdo. You are scaring the children and generally creeping everyone out

Nick Foles rises to the occasion and does the impossible - I smell a movie

Tide commercial was good

Steven Tyler's Benjamin Button type commercial pretty good.



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