"Shark Week" used to be appointment viewing for me but in recent years I have lost interest. I am back in and here is why, there is almost nothing on TV that can capture the attention of my kids and I at the same time. Ninety percent of what I watch on TV they can't watch because it is not appropriate for kids. One hundred percent of what they watch is intolerable for me. This however will keep us all in the living room together.

I really wish they had started the week out stronger than they did last night. They started the week telling us that Michael Phelps would race a shark. What actually happened was he raced a computer simulated shark. Lame. They should have just brought in Ryan Lochte and had him race a real shark so we could all watch him get swallowed whole on television. THAT is a ratings bonanza.

I can definitely sit through the upcoming "Sharks and the City" episodes they have. They will do both L.A. and N.Y.C. this week. They will tell us how and why the shark populations have grown exponentially directly off the coasts of both cities. Now maybe we will be lucky enough for this to coincide with a new trend where hipsters start doing water aerobics in those cities. I mean hipsters don't watch "Shark Week." They won't know about the rise in the shark population, they will get in the water in their waterproof fedoras and become breakfast for hungry sharks. One can only hope.

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