I'm not a big wrestling guy, I was as a kid. I do however know who Nikki Bella is. Nikki is a smoking hot lady wrestler. Nikki has a dog. Nikki walks her dog. Sometimes Nikki does not bother wearing pants when she walks her dog. Sometimes Nikki walks her dog sans pants and has someone photograph it. Sometimes when Nikki walks her dog with no pants and gets it photograph she shares that photo on Instagram. That's what I call the perfect storm. That storm hit land yesterday.

Pants are overrated. No one needs pants. It's a really ridiculous formality. We all would be better off with the option of hitting the streets with one layer between our "goods" and the fresh air of Planet Earth.

The ridiculous part is that underwear like this covers the same as a two piece bathing suit. If she posted a bathing suit photo, I'd likely not lose my mind and feel the need to write about it, think about it or talk about it.

I guess it's the lace or something? That makes it extra fun somehow mentally. By the way, that's some nice green grass. She should not let the dog poop there. I guess we can let it slide since she was nice enough to share both her "kibbles" and her "bits."

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