It's not often that the ocean off of Westport, Connecticut gets angry, but when it does my friends, it can be deadly. Not one, but two incidents have happened in the calm waters off of Compo Beach recently.

Just last week, The United States FDA sent out a warning to twelves states, including Connecticut, after oysters harvested by Norm Bloom and Son on February 20, 2024, in Westport, are potentially contaminated with Norovirus.

The FDA warning has been issued to restaurants, food retailers, and fellow raw seafood lovers in Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, Ohio, Rhode Island, South Carolina, and Texas. Other states may have also received the potentially contaminated oysters.

The Lot number is 207, and these potentially contaminated oysters may be linked to a Norovirus outbreak in Minnesota. If you have recently purchased raw oysters in Connecticut, you can call the retailer and they will be able to check if your purchase came from the potentially contaminated lot 207.

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In other angry Westport ocean news, the Westport Police Department shared the story of a boating incident that occurred just after 5PM yesterday off of Westport's Cockenoe Island and Compo Beach. Three race boats, and a chase boat that were launched from the Saugatuck Rowing Club were caught up in a surprise storm that capsized two of the 60-foot long rowing sculls, launching numerous youths aged 14-18 into the 40 degree waters of Long Island Sound. The excellent news is that all 29 people involved were rescued with assistance from Fairfield, Stamford, Noroton, and Norwalk Marine units, and the US Coast Guard.

You never know if the sea will be angry that day, my friends. Enjoy this classic clip from Seinfeld uploaded to YouTube via Matt0the cat.

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