According to the NY Post scientists at the University of Washington have made backpacks available to bumble bees. They are data collecting backpacks send back information that includes the location of the bee, temperature and humidity.

They say the battery in the backpack can last up to seven hours and while drones are effective for collecting weather data, the bees can be better. If you are worried about the bees getting a herniated disc like I was, don't sweat it. The researchers say the backpacks only weigh around 102 milligrams.

Now the burning question here is not how much useful data can they collect with these bees and their backpacks, NO, I wanna know if they "one strap it" or "two strap" it. You see in my day, you NEVER wore both straps of a backpack but it's gone the other way these days. The kids love the "Two strap."

Bees wearing backpacks, Fortnite, Youtube challenges. I feel like I just woke up at of "cryo-freeze" and all my friends are dead.


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