According to Lohud the NY State Department of Transportation is reccomending a plan that could bring some relief to a major traffic point on the Saw Mill River Parkway. The Roaring Brook Road intersection of the Saw Mill is the matter at hand. The DOT recommendations are being discussed by the Chapaqua Town Board whose members are considering bringing in a traffic consultant.

The plan includes the addition of an eastbound lane on Roaring Brook Rd and a reconfiguration of the westbound lane. The westbound side would now have two left turn lanes. The lane changes would also mean new stop lights to support the new lanes.

I wish the DOT, Chappaqua, the consultants and the commuters all the best. It sounds good to me but it accounts for like .000001 percent of the actual span of the entirety that is the Saw Mill River Parkway. I used to commute this lovely stretch of road every morning. If you have experience doing this like I do you know it's hell on Earth.

Let's build a 2 lane, curvy, race track with no shoulder. Let's build it so people are able to reach ridiculously fast speeds for huge expanses of the road and then bring them to a screeching halt with a traffic light around a bend with no warning. That's the Saw Mill experience.

If you have a morning commute on the Saw Mill, you know you don't need coffee to wake you up, fear and adrenaline work just fine.


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