The Savannah Bananas have changed the game for baseball entertainment.

Instead of just sitting through a baseball game, you're getting so much more. You're experiencing pure entertainment in all aspects of the game. To give you a little backstory of who the Savannah Bananas are if you don't know, they play the game which they call "banana ball" where they break into dances mid game, they play in kilts, and they do everything to keep the crowd entertained.

On their website, it says that their players perform choreographed dances to just about everything - Morgan Wallen, Taylor Swift, Mariah Carey, the list goes on. Here's an example.

They continuously go viral on TikTok and are known for the most entertaining game of baseball. A little background - Savannah, Georgia's minor league baseball team had left the city after 90 years and they had to figure out how to get people excited about a college summer team. After changing their name to the Savannah Bananas and following masses of hate they received, they were able to sell out their opening night and sold out every game since.

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Now that legendary team is bringing their spunk to New England. If you want to skip the MLB game for a weekend and jump right into this, here's your chance. The Savannah Bananas will be playing Fenway Park on June 8. Since this is such a hot ticket, there are only a few tickets left and they're available on Stubhub. Tickets range, but you can see all of them here.

If you end up going, send pictures and videos. The games look way too good to pass up.

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