Please, someone explain to me how certain individuals can harass a parent whose six year old child has not only died, but died tragically?

Ask anyone who knows me. I'm laid back and zen like except when it comes to these Sandy Hook conspiracy theorists. What kind of sick and twisted mind would tell a parent, who had just lost a young child that they were mourning, that their child never actually existed at all?! What kind of a monster harasses the family of 6 year old Noah Pozner claiming their child never died, it was all a hoax.

According to the Sun-Sentinel, the woman who was charged with making a series of death threats towards Len Pozner, who is Noah's father, originally pleaded not guilty. The Sun-Sentinel reported that the woman, Lucy Richards will be entering a guilty plea when she's back in court on March 29. I'm going to let Helen Mirren speak for me regarding the Sandy Hook hoaxers.

The following hoaxers have gained notoriety by harassing families who lost children in the Sandy Hook massacre.

  1. Wolfgang Helbig - Harassed Len Pozner and claimed that Sandy Hook was a hoax that had been in the planning for two years. Has been to CT 20 times and carries a card that reads, "Have Truth Will Travel."
  2. Alex Jones - Claimed 'no one' died in the attack and that child actors were used.
  3. James Tracy - Sent a letter to Pozner demanding proof they were Noah Pozner's parents.

The most comprehensive article I've read about the Sandy Hook Hoax was written by Reeves Wiedeman and appeared in New York Magazine in September of 2016. Here's the link.

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