A wonderful tradition is going away in Connecticut's capital city.

Money remains tight around the country and it does carry an adverse affect for not only your pocket book, but also organizations that you would never even think of. That's the case for a long standing tradition in Hartford.

In a message from ctveteransparade.org, the annual Veterans Day parade, scheduled for November in Hartford has been cancelled for 2017. It is coordinated by the Connecticut Veterans Fund, which is a nonprofit group. The release on the parade sight notes that the Hartford parade had become not only New England’s largest salute to veterans also had been one of the biggest in the nation.

Ray Lilley, President of the Connecticut Veterans Fund had this to say:

This was a difficult decision for our committee to make because the parade has been a labor of love for all of us...But the rising costs of producing an event of this magnitude, combined with funding challenges, and the dwindling number of spectators who come out to cheer on a cold November day has brought us to this conclusion

Sad news indeed. Hopefully things might change in the future, because it would be awful for generations to come, to not have this moving honor.

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