Hey Tubbs, where's Crocket? Seattle Seahawks QB Russel Wilson and his wife Ciara hit the red carpet at the Tom Ford fashion show over the weekend and his hair became a huge hit on every social media platform ever invented.

The Prince references would not end there.

You really gotta be feeling yourself to walk out of the house rocking a dome like that one. You have a ghost blue cheetah print jacket and hair that is far too luxurious to exist.

Dude's hair took over the internet for 3 whole days, that's an impressive feat. This is no barber shop haircut, he went full salon on this. He walked in and said "give me the wet look." They finished, he shook his head and said "wetter, we can go wetter" and they obliged.

Please someone remind me in October when I'm complaining I don't have a Halloween costume that this happened because there is only one costume for me in 2020 and it's the Russel. Swag times a billion and one.

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