I've been in Rock N' Roll radio since I was 20 years old and I am here to tell you the songs actually get weirder the more often you listen, not less weird. I'm convinced at this point in my life that the majority of the songs we love or are considered classics have lyrics that are head scratching, funny or just ridiculous. Here are the first 6 songs I've singled out for distinction.

"Weird" is a cornerstone of Rock N' Roll that we so often ignore. Think about the outfits, the hair, the behavior and then add the weird messages and lyrics. If your neighbor behaved like Freddie Mercury, Keith Richards or Franz Zappa, you would call the cops every damn day.

We afford our artistic/talented Rock N' Roll idols a ton of rope and I guess they deserve it. The truth is, before they were widely accepted as geniuses and celebrated worldwide they were probably treated like freaks and people did call the cops on them. I would call the cops on Warren Zevon twice a week if he were my neighbor.

I need to know what lyrics you think are weird, funny or just plain nonsensical. Share your suggestions on the I-95 Facebook page or through the chat feature on the I-95 rock app available for free download on Google Play or the App Store. If you do, you might find your suggestions in "Rock Songs with weird/hilarious lyrics part 2."

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