The fact that this is even a rumor is bananas. This is a classic Met move. Yesterday's article in the NY Post says the Mets are not only interested in Cano but have been aggressive in pursuing a trade with the Mariners for him.

  • Robinson Cano is 36.
  • Robinson Cano was popped for performance enhancing drugs LAST YEAR.
  • Robinson Cano is owed 5 years and $120 million on his current contract.

Now that last part is really important. Typically when a team like the Mariners are in "salary shedding" mode, they are looking to shed some salary. In these cases they will usually agree to continue to pay a portion of the remaining contract but not all.

If the Mets were successful in getting Cano to Queens they WILL pay a portion of that bloated contract. Even if they split it 50/50, it's too much for a guy way past his prime. We know he's past his prime because he used and got caught for P.E.D.'s last year. In this day and age to use P.E.D's, you are raising your hand and saying, "I no longer have it, I'm done and I wanted you all to know."

This is typical, absolutely typical of the ineptitude of the New York Mets. The Mets deserve to be the joke of the league if they add this trade to the long list of historically bad trades they have made over the years.

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