According to Variety, Robert Pattinson is currently in negotiations to play Batman. The upcoming Matt Reeves Batman movie is set to hit theaters on July 25th, 2021 and "Bella's" boy toy is said to be the man.

Warner Brothers had no comment for Variety, sources say the deal is not sealed yet but Pattinson is the front-runner. Matt Reeves took over production duties when Ben Affleck ran away crying cause fans did not like his Batman films.

We are at "Threat Level Midnight" here. Fans of DC and Batman are at their limit and this is no time to get cute with the casting. I actually like Robert Pattinson. I think he is a solid actor, a handsome devil and believe it or not, I am a Twilight fan. This casting is already a mistake and here is why:

  • He looks like the Joker.
  • He is a slight man, Batman at his worst is of medium build, in athletic shape.

On paper, it's not a slam dunk. While Robert may surprise us all, D.C. and Warner Brothers have no room to play games. This last batch of D.C. movies were unbearable to me. Batman, "whatever they called it", Batman v. Superman, Justice League, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, no thanks.

Not all D.C. fans would agree with me, most loved Wonder Woman. What all D.C. fans seem to agree on, is every recent movie with Batman in it was garbage, Ben Affleck was a mistake and the fans deserve better.

Marvel has set the world on fire while D.C. has produced either trash or just OK movies. That's really the most important one. You are not even in the game, you are getting smoked and you come to me with this?

Warner Brothers and D.C. are underestimating Batman fans. One more failure and we will burn this mother down.


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