The internet was on fire after Rob Lowe was spotted on TV at the NFC Championship game wearing an NFL hat. Not a Packers hat, not a 49ers hat, no, an NFL hat. Dude's a big NFL fan and he's not afraid to show it.  The web was not afraid to react either:

That's a good one and so was this:

The Swiss joke:

The agricultural joke:

The one of these things doesn't belong joke:

The career choices joke:

Topical Netflix joke:

The retail joke:

The analogous joke:

I love pretty much everything Rob Lowe has ever done on both TV and in film but this hat move just became my favorite Rob Lowe production of all time. The guy has been way too good looking for way too long to concern himself with following football. Why hide that fact by picking a team hat?

He didn't bother with all of that, instead he gave a head nod to the league for promoting his new TV Show, a spin off of "911." It's a good thing he did thank them, he may need all the help he can get with this project. This is LITERALLY the best hat move I've ever seen. That's how Chris Traeger from Parks & Recreation would say it. Way to go Rob, you were the most interesting part of that game.


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