Since 2017, according to the CT State Department of Agriculture, roaming goats have been a problem at a property on Cross Highway in Redding.

According to a report from CTNews12 in July of 2020, neighbors have complained to town officials the goats have become "an ongoing public health and safety concern." They claim the goats have been allowed to roam freely on various neighbor's properties.

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After receiving a complaint about "injured goats and general care issues," the State Department of Agriculture confiscated several goats from the Redding property on Wednesday, March 10.

Photo by Erika Fletcher on Unsplash
Photo by Erika Fletcher on Unsplash

The Department of Agriculture spoke with Hearst Connecticut Media about "citizen complaints that revealed animal welfare concerns such as untrimmed hooves, excessive manure, and lack of sufficient water.' In July of 2020, the property owner, Nancy Burton, had a much different story saying that she's asked the town to help her get rid of the goats, but they have denied her requests. She spoke with Ct News 12;

I wish that the town would follow up on my requests, numerous requests to have a public meeting at the town hall, which would be informational because there's a great deal of misinformation that people are circulating.

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