It's called salt therapy and it's 100% natural, non-invasive, and involves no drugs whatsoever.

According to Illawarra Salt, this natural remedy goes way back to medieval times when monks would take the sick and place them in salt caves where they could breathe in air saturated with salt particles. How does salt therapy work you might ask?

There's no need to snort lines of salt or rub Morton's table salt all over your body. All you need to do to experience the healing properties of salt therapy is to make a reservation at Saltana Cave in Ridgefield. Here's how a therapeutic salt cave works:

When you enter a salt cave, you sit and relax and begin inhaling pure, dry micronized salt particles. The particles penetrate deep into the lungs and respiratory system, where they dissolve bacteria and pollutants as they open constricted airways. Salt therapy has been used for years in parts of Europe where it is partially covered by insurance. Salt therapy should not be considered a cure for respiratory illnesses, but used in conjunction with doctor prescribed medications. Remember, no snorting the salt or you will complicate the process.

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