The other day I did a blog called: "Yankees By the Numbers - There's More Than the Aaron Judge Long Ball". I thought it was a well-written, well-researched blog about the numbers that the Yankee players have put up that have been overshadowed by Aaron Judge's HR tear.

I was singing their praises, talking about the possibilities for the season, and I even suggested that Judge could win the Rookie of the Year and the MVP in the same year.

Since I published that blog, the Yankees lost two straight, the Red Sox won two games, and CC Sabathia's health is in question. According to ESPN, a hamstring strain may keep him out for four weeks.

Way to go, Lou. Full-on jinx job. I need to take a break from blogging about them. At first, I was told no one reads sports blogs. That did not phase me, because I love the Yankees, and I blog about my passions. Now, however, I am hurting the Bombers. This cannot stand. Until they get things back on track, I am taking a break. I'll see you after a 6-game win streak.

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